Track-Pro V2 Floor Mounted 3 Pedal System

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The V2 Track Pro Pedal System combines the engineering from the Pro-Race V2 Pedal System along with the Cradle Design from the Track Pro System. With an angled cradle allows it to fit to the floor pan with ease.

• Aircraft Grade T6061 Aluminium Pedals
• Mild Steel Cradle Construction
• 5.05:1 to 5.45:1 Pedal Ratio
• Multiple Pedal Pad Adjustment
• Adjustable Pedal Ratios
• Adjustable Accelerator Return
• Drive-By-Wire Compatible
• Dark Matter Coating

Product Information:

Fitment: Cockpit Fit
Pedal Ratio: 5.05:1 – 5.45:1
Weight: 3.6kg

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