Meziere elektrisk vattenpump 2JZ

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Meziere’s nya bolt on vattenpump till Supra 2JZ!

Just vattentempen kan vara ett problem på 2JZ vid trimning och framförallt höga varv som tex vid drifting. Med denna elektriska vattenpump kan man styra hastigheten på vattnet och på så sätt undvika kavitation (luftbildning pga för hög hastighet på rotorn i original pump). En jättebra uppgradering till din 2JZ! Mer info på engelska nedan:

The idler pulley allows the use of the factory or aftermarket accessories. Installation is nearly identical to that of the factory water pump and advanced technical knowledge is necessary. The mechanically driven fan is eliminated and requires an electric fan be installed.

incredible 2400 hour lifespan makes these absolutely suitable for street cars as well, which was the original design intent.

Just to give you a general idea of how long this will last….according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, at a nationwide average drive-time of about 24.3 minutes, Americans now spend more than 100 hours a year commuting to work. Even if you add an additional 60 minutes of driving to each day on top of the 24.3 minutes and drive for 365 days a year that would still mean you would only drive 517 hours total for the year. With that information you can conclude the electric water pump will last 4.6 years. Not to bad considering this unit can provide an addition 10 rear wheel hp!

Meziere has been producing electric water pumps for street cars since 1996 and they are in common every day usage in both domestic and sport compact cars.

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