MAD R35 GT-R V.2 Intake Manifold (6 Injector Setup)

67 363 kr

This is the next level of intake manifolds for your Nissan VR38DETT engine. Our intake manifold, in billet aluminium, will provide your engine with mad power in a super strong, reliable and market leading low weight package. Choose between a 6 or 12 fuel injector setup depending on your needs.

A recommended upgrade if you want mad power from your engine.

Designed and manufactured by MAD Sweden.

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MAD Intake Manifold is designed and tested to be the most efficient and power-producing billet intake manifold available. When our engineers designed this work of art, careful calculations and competition analyzes were made before it was put into production. With the world’s highest flowing intake manifold mounted on your GT-R you never have to consider this part the holding you back for more horsepowers!

Probably the most powerful VR38 intake manifold on the market

Eye catching MAD design

Fully O-ringed, no OEM gaskets needed

More than 11% lighter than the leading VR38 carbon intake manifold

Dual MAP sensor ports and more vacuum fittings

Balance pipe with o-rings made in aluminium to prevent blow off

Billet 6082 aluminum plenums

High flow intake runners

Third rail (12 injector option)

Billet lower intake runner

V. 2 from 2021-10-10 got more vacuum connection points

Pressure tested to 10 bars

Flow tested

Dyno tested

100% Made in Sweden

At MAD we offer all our billet aluminum products in 5 different anodized color options. Anodizing increases resistance to corrosion and wear which means a better protected product and at the same time giving it a mad color finish to separate your build from the rest.

Colors available: Gold, Red, Blue, Black and Light grey.

Our MAD GT-R Intake Manifold is also available with a mix-of-colors option, where you can assign a different color on each part to create a truly mad look in your engine bay.


Very powerful

Fully o-ringed

Tested and approved

Custom colors

Lifetime warranty

Nissan VR38DETT engine

Installation note
The OEM fuel rails will not work. Use the MAD fuel rails that are designed for high fuel flow.

Material: 6082 aluminium alloy

All O-ring sealing

Billet balance pipe with o-rings

2 MAP sensor sockets (one plug in package)