Honda L15B7 | Racing Valve Spring and Ti Retainer Kit

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HONDA L15B7. Racing valve springs with Titanium retainers, spring seats and stem seals. XXlb on seat at XX.Xmm installed height. XXXlbs at XX.Xmm valve lift. Coil bind at XX.Xmm. XX.Xmm max lift. Can run to 8500rpm with our 262- range of performance cams.

Valve spring kit to match Kelford’s catalogue range of cams. Lightweight Ti retainer is 30% less mass than the OEM part. This kit includes lightweight higher rate racing springs to allow the valvetrain to achieve a higher rpm limit. Valve spring is high frequency to help reduce spring surge at high rpm. The OEM spring base is replaced with new parts included in the kit. Stem seals will need to be removed when fitting this kit and replaced with those provided. Designed to run to 8500rpm with the Kelford 262- series of cams.

-photo to be added when completed, aiming for June 2023 product release.