CTS luftfilterkit Supra MK5 A90 / A91

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Öppet luftfilterkit till Supra MK 5 från CTS. Detta filterkit är i helt ”öppen” stil vilket ger bättre flöde än original och betydligt mer ljud än de slutna filterna. Tillverkaren uppger en effektökning på 10-15hk

Nedan är vad tillverkaren skriver:

Turbo is proud to release the A90/A91 B58 Toyota Supra GR Intake. Our intake kit is a complete replacement for the OEM system. The design intent was to create the largest, highest flowing intake on the market. Starting with a massive 6″ velocity stack air filter, the intake features a 4″ aluminum pipe that connects perfectly to the turbo inlet. No restrictions, no problems. MAF sensor is placed into the same orientation as from the factory to provide perfect readings. We also added an extra turbo heatshield in order to keep air intake temperatures as low as possible. Without any extra tuning, peak power gains range from 10 to 15HP (fuel and elevation-dependent). All of the components included in the CTS air intake system work flawlessly together to provide increased horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band and an aggressive race-inspired sound.

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