MX-5 O2 Sensor Adapter Wiring Extension

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Förlängning till lambda som behövs när man byter avgas på tex NC


When you replace your factory exhaust manifold with an IL Motorsport sports header, you need to replace the second O2 sensor in the location behind the catalytic converter of the factory midpipe so that your Miata runs correctly. The OEM manifold has a catalytic converter incorporated in it, with O2 sensor locations before and after the cat. Because a performance header removes that first cat, you’ll need to move the O2 sensors down to after the secondary cat, so that the check engine lamp will not illuminate. You need to install the stainless steel bung in a fixed position located behind the second converter in the midpipe. These extension wires are made in the optimally length to connect it plug & play in the oem wiring harness.
A detailed installation instruction is included.

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