MAD R35 GT-R Valve Covers (Wet Sump) Gold

18 625 kr

This is the world’s first valve covers in 6082 billet aluminium for your Nissan VR38DETT engine. Our valve covers for wet sump lubricated systems will protect the valve trains, improve the engine ventilation and at the same time make your engine bay look MAD when you pop the hood. A perfect match with our intake manifold and engine oil pan.

A recommended upgrade if you want better engine ventilation and a MAD engine bay look.

Designed and manufactured by MAD Sweden.

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At MAD we specialize in producing products out of high quality billet aluminium. A billet is essentially a solid block of material, in our case aluminium. The billet is carved out by an CNC milling machine in a given shape to create the final product. This method gives us a high degree of precision combined with an impressive structural strength and very low weight – perfect for performance cars.

As an added bonus we get that mad looking product that many of our customers describe as: “A piece of art”.

Better ventilation for the engine

AN Connections (8-12AN)

Upgraded oil/air separator

Better looking engine bay

Nissan VR38DETT engine

Material: 6082 aluminium alloy

Aftermarket radial seals against spark plug tubes

O-ring sealing around oil/air separator

OEM sealing against heads