MAD R35 GT-R Fuel Rails (High Flow) Red

6 875 kr

Fuel rails with high flow for your Nissan VR38DETT engine. Our fuel rails, in billet aluminium, will increase the flow of fuel to the engine, thanks to the large 16mm bore. With these rails you will remove the limit that the OEM rails has, around 900hp, due to restricted fuel flow.

A recommended upgrade to increase fuel flow.

Fits MAD Sweden intake manifolds

Designed and manufactured by MAD Sweden.

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The OEM fuel rails on Nissan GT-R are not made for high horsepower engine output. There is a limit to around 900hp because of the restricted fuel flow. The MAD GT-R Fuel Rails (high flow) take that restriction away and with a supporting fuel system you can reach well over 1300hp.

High volume fuel flow with MAD

Sleek design that works with all OEM style fuel injectors

Supporting power well over 1300bhp with supporting fuel system

Made of 6082 high grade billet aluminium

Hard anodized to support all kinds of fuel

Compatible with MAD GT-R Intake Manifolds

15mm big bore

Made in Sweden

Higher fuel flow than OEM

M18-AN connectors

All VR38DETT engines

Tuned engines

E85 resistant

Material: 6082 aluminium alloy billet
Treatment: hard anodizing