MAD Billet Girde/Bedplate VR38DETT7075-T6

37 488 kr

MAD billet girdle is made from 7075 aluminum to add significant rigidity to the VR38 engine designed by our chief engineer. The result is a product that strengthens the complete OEM VR38 block allowing the engine to withstand the abuse from a tuned engine. This CAD engineered girdle is CNC manufactured in house at MAD from a solid block of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. 7075 offers strength properties comparable to most steels while providing more corrosion resistance than some other aluminum alloys like 6000 series.

Option: Heat treatment of the MAD 7075-T6 girdle is a way to force the material to go out of tolerance before we finish it up in our 5 axis HAAS CNC mill for a 100% straight product, that won’t twist when motor gets hot the first time!
This is a MAD exclusive process!

NOTE: This billet girdle will require line boring to your engine builder’s bearing specifications.

Designed and manufactured by MAD Sweden.

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