IL midpipe till NC rostfri med 200 cells racecat

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Denna midpipe passar med Axle back systemet från IL.


L Motorsport is now offering a complete converter pipe / mid pipe with 200cell race cat for all MK3 enthousiasts.

This pipe is compatibel for all MK3 & MK3.5 models from 2005. The pipe is supplied in stainless steel with a pipe diameter of 60mm, next to the performance the outside of the pipe is polished making it an optical tuning piece as well. Before the 200cell race cat we have incorporated two adpaters that can be used for a O2 sensor (wideband) and a EGT probe. The thread for the EGT probe has the following size: 1/16 NPT 27.
Our midpipe can be used with the OEM header, but also be used in conjunction with our I.L.Motorsport stainless headers ( NC0-0350 , NC0-0352 & NC0-0354 ) and the BBK exhaust systems. The 200cell race cat and muffler pipe are connected with a massive 300mm wide clamp.

The omission or modification of a catalyst changes the exhaust gas values and the mixture composition.
We therefore recommend that you always have the control unit adjusted in order to achieve optimum performance and best possible engine running with the installed exhaust gas components.

Contents of the box:
1. Clamp 30mm wide
2. Gasket for endpipe
3. 2 screws and matching nuts for mounting the pipe to the end muffler
4. Mid pipe with 200 cel race cat and muffler

We recommend to purchase these items seperately, for an easy installation:
1. Rubber exhaust hanger: NC0-704026
2. Header bottom gasket : NC0-704031-Z

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