Garrett G35-1050 Supercore

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Garrett G35-1050 Supercore. Detta är turbo utan avgashus, välj turbinhus (avgashus) separat.
Denna turbon lämpar sig för max 1050hk

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Mycket populära G35-1050 supercore ”Garrett G35-1050 Super Core 880695-5002S”
Supercore är turbon utan avgashus. Detta köpes separat.

Horsepower: 700 – 1050 HP
Displacement: 2.5 – 5.5 L

Honeywell Garrett G-Series – The newest and most advanced generation turbocharger!
These very small turbocharger achieve extremely high performance with minimum space requirements.

Latest CFD-optimized, forged milled compressor wheel
High-Flow compressor housing with integrated easy plug speed sensor port
Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
Dual ceramic ball bearing cartridges
Includes -4AN oil restrictor fitting with 1mm orifice
Four large water jacket ports
Twin piston rings at compressor and turbine site
MAR-M 1050°C turbine wheel
Water- and Oil cooled
Delivery: Super Core, 2 X -6AN water fittings and two plugs, 1 X oil restrictor -4AN
Compressor side:

It uses the latest generation of CFD-designed compressor wheels. These wheels have up to 15% more flow on the 60mm wheels and up to 30% more flow on the 67mm wheels (compared to the GTX GEN II).
The optionally available speed sensor can now simply be plugged into the compressor housing and is sealed via an O-ring.

Center Housing:

The center section is attached to the exhaust housing over an V-band and can thus easily rotate 360° into any position.
Four large water connection options allow high cooling water throughput and easy installation of the supply and discharge lines via two supplied -6AN adapters.
For ease of mounting the oil supply, a -4AN oil restrictor with a 1mm orifice is included.
The newly developed compact 8mm high-speed ceramic cartridge is shorter, thinner and lighter than its predecessors. The space thus obtained allows for the first time the use of twin piston ring seals on the compressor and turbine side, which significantly reduce any oil leaks from the bearing housing.

Turbine side:

The completely redesigned turbine wheel, made of the high-performance material Mar-M, enables exhaust gas temperatures up to 1050° C. The flow could also be increased by up to 15-20% compared to the GTX turbocharger. And that with an efficiency up to 74%.

Compressor side:

Inducer ø
68.00mm Exducer ø
84.00mm Trim
65 A/R

Turbine side:

Inducer ø
68.00mm Exducer ø
62.00mm Trim
84 A/R

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