ECU Master Digital gear indicator

3 995 kr

The digital gear indicator is designed to work with a stock or aftermarket

ECU to display the current gear with an optional shift light.

Gear calculations are made based on vehicle speed and engine RPM

via OBD2 or CAN, or using a gearbox barrel position sensor.

The device is fully configurable via CAN BUS (communication, shift point

pergear,etc.,and can be usedwith virtual anyCANBUSbasedECU.

Thanks to the large and bright display, the indicated gear is readable

in all lighting conditions. Display brightness can be controlled via CAN

or by a potentiometer (when gearbox barrel position sensor is not


Key features

•read gear from CAN, OBDII or analogue gear sensor

•3 RGB LED customizable shift light

•easy to read large display (size)

•configurable via CAN BUS

•free firmware upgrades