AMS Performance MKV A90 2020+ Toyota Supra Stainless Steel Race Downpipe

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US-spec downpipe

Significantly Lower Back Pressure Means the Potential for More Power
Exhaust Gas Can More Easily Flow Across the Turbine Wheel
Throaty Exhaust Note Under Wide Open Throttle
CAD Engineered for Maximum Exhaust Flow with Unrivaled Fit and Finish
304 Stainless Steel 4.5 Design Reduces to a 3.5 Flex Section, Maximizing Volume and Flow
Turbine Flange Offers a Smooth Transition from the Turbine Outlet
3.15 (80mm) Outlet Allows You to Run Either Stock or Aftermarket Catback Systems
Complete Bolt on Means No Cutting Bolts to the Factory Location
O2 Sensors in OEM Locations. No Jumpers Needed
Mandrel Bent Tubing for the Best Flow

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